Web Producers

Having roots in independent post-production for 10yrs, Joe Pascual and Phoenix Gonzalez have had a unique perspective observing indie film producers finishing their films and struggling to break even. It’s an all-too common story. The Sundance Film Festival is another perfect example of this phenomenon. Over ten thousand films get submitted every year. Three hundred are screened, one hundred and fifty are accepted, fifteen get distribution, and only three make a return on investment. The old film festival business model for indie films is withering away. When it finally disappears, where are indie producers supposed to turn to? After winning an online award with Sundance’s Project Direct Competition the 2 quickly realized that in order to stay a head of the curve it was important to become empowered in the online space.

As Entreprenuers forging ahead, Joe and Phoenix decided in 2009 to build an innovative online video platform designed to bring independent content creators, advertisers, and consumers together into a profitable partnership with their company Dotstudioz. Which today has resulted in a SaaS solution “dotstudiopro” that will be launch in Aug/Sept of 2014!

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