Grew up far far away in the little town of Pacoima, California. As a child Bossman ran away with the circus because he had an uncanny ability to escape anything. He could contort his body in the tightest of places. Before he could become an international star of the circus the FBI swept him away into the international world of espionage. He trained to be a navy seal, but only rose to the rank of Navy Penguin. Crushed and wounded by the rejection, Bossman slipped into a downward spiral of alcohol and floozies. He slipped so far in fact he slipped off the roof of his apartment building. The fire escape broke his fall and broke him in a lot of other places. Bossman lost his ability to contort but woke up to a spiritual awakening. A calling….on the phone….from Chico. Chico was an old spy buddy from Mexico. The two decided to pull together. Bossman stopped drinking, but he does have an occasion floozie every now and then. Bossman is the only connection the Angels have to their boss Chico. He enjoys the company of the Angels and fancies their skimpy outfits. When on a case involving beautiful women, which is always, Bossman does get distracted but always finishes the job. He’s the protector of the girls and your everyman homie.

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Chico’s Angels Team up w/Aldente Mag.


Gay Pride 2012 The Angels team up w/Aldente magazine to give their fans autographed copies of their first magazine cover!!!

Charles Angels meets Chico’s Angels

Picture 4

Tanya Robert of Charlies Angels stopped by Castia Del Campo in Los Angeles to take in Chico's Angels Live on Stage. "Chicas In Chains" is running July 25th-Aug.12th Buy your tickets today online.

AYE these Divas are doing it!!!


MYA singer/dancer, shares trade secrets about being a musician with the Angels as they preform at Gay Pride.

ATL House Wife Nay Nay catches a Quickie with Chico’s Angels


Aiya! ATL House Wife loves Chico's Angels!!!

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