Chita Parol

Chita Parol was born in East Los Angeles, California as a first generation Mexican-American. Her family is from the deep south of Mexico. Throughout her childhood she dreamed of being a prima ballerina. Well, dreams don’t come true when you’re from the ghetto, so she quickly turned her dreams of dancing into days of fighting gangs and doing all she could to serve her community. Then she joined a gang. Chita quickly rose in the ranks of her gang and by the age of 12 she was gang leader, selling macramé on the streets wasn’t enough for her. One day she saw West Side Story on TV and all her dreams of being a dancer came flooding back to her. It was then that she got jumped out of her gang. With nowhere to turn, she applied for a Scholarship to the Debbie Allen School of Dance. After six months she was kicked out of the esteemed school for beating up her boyfriend’s boyfriend, which led to her first restraining order. Then, it was off to college where she studied skills in communications. Six months later she was kicked out for how she communicated to authority. That’s when she was arrested for assault and received her second restraining order. It was while being booked at the station that she saw a notice to join the police academy. Six weeks later she received her third restraining order and flunked out of the police academy. Soon after, Chico discovered Chita’s fighting abilities while watching her on a candid camera sketch gone wrong. Allen Funt went to the hospital and Chita got a job. The smart one, and angry about it, Chita keeps focused on the job and fancies herself the pretty one. She never seems to get the guy, mainly due to her anger issues. She’s working on that.

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