Frieda Laye

Frieda Laye was born in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, or as it has come to be known across the border, J-Town. Frieda was left under the door mat of a convent, Las Hermanas de la Madre Guadalupe de los Chavos. She grew up under the tutelage of the nuns, all along being groomed for the sisterhood. Just before she was to enter the convent as a novice, she was entered by a handsome churro salesman, who gave her an actual churro as a reward for her services. From that point on, Frieda realized she loved sex, churros and rewards. Just to make sure she was making the right decision, she defrocked a priest who later left the church and became one of Chihuahua’s most notorious pimps. Frieda was convinced she found her true calling. She left the convent, disguised as a laundry burdened burro and headed for regular society. Frieda graduated from high school, only because she garnered the favor of a very grateful assistant principal with no principles. With her diploma in one hand and an oar in the other, Frieda set out for a new life away from her strict and religious upbringing, headed over the border and found work in El Paso, Texas. Without school smarts, Frieda had to find jobs that required the few skills she possessed; “Massage Therapist”, ‘Dancehall Hostess”, “Street Liaison” and other job titles surrounded by quotation marks. After an unfortunate incident with an undercover vice cop, Frieda found herself on the wrong side of the jailhouse door. In the big house, she met a grateful rookie to whom she gave nookie, and in turn showed his appreciation for her skills by enrolling her in the police academy by hacking into the academy computer. She ended up failing and then moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. That’s where she was discovered by Chico and became an Angel.

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