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They At It Otra Vez

Our friends,
Kay Sedia
Reba Areba,
are up to they
tricks y treats otra vez!

If ju up for
espooky laughs
(en 3-D),
yoin las ladies
por more sketches y fun!

They sketching
Octobre 29, 30
Novembre 1, 2

Ju can got jur tickets

Tell them Chico’s Angels sended ju!

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Angels con Mens en el Street

Ju may recalling,
que a few weeks ago,
las Angels doed some
Man en el Street
 intrerbiews por L.A. CONDOM.
Pues, we sheck el oven,
y they almost ready!!

We wanting them to be golden brown,
como las Angels,
so thy nice y crispy when ju see them!

Keeping jur eyes out,
y ju will seeing los bideos
en a week or so.

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Throw Thursday Back!


‘Member when we do
en 2006?
Ju ‘member!! 

We still jusing some
de los same costunes!!
Es et impressive
or sad?  


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We en the cards!

Wouldn’t ju want to put us en jur locker?
Or en jur Arythmatic book cober?
Maybe en los espokes de jur bikecycle..?

Pues, el next edichon de
Collectable Traitor Cards
are out!

Thees series focus en las Angels
lateful adbenture when la Charo hire dem
to go en el Lobe Boat to finding out who trying
to keel her!

So, clearing jur refrigerator doors,
Traitor Cards are ready to be hung!

Be chure to collect us all!

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Esexy words

We wanting to got people to talk about esex!

That why we grab our perty and go to
el club Eleben en West Hollywood,
to finding ebery day, man en el streets.
 We lucky enough to finding,
ebery day, gay mans
who were atheleets y
who winned medals en los Gay Games!!

We getted, los esexy mans, to talking about
the esex
we eben getted somes to
demarkate how they putting on a condon.
Don’t be all dirty! 
We getted then to cho us en fruits y begitables!

It bery nice how fourcoming
they were en talking el esex,
because we beliebing,
talking leading to better, safer shoices!
(like putting el condon to help
preventing spread los dvds!)

El bestest thing es
et all en bideo!!
Don’t be all worry,
we gonna cho ju las bideos when they ready!

…But don’t waiting to hear all los yiucy details
de esos esexy mens,
to jur esex partners,
y eben jur amigos
’cause ju might finding ju chare los same
yoys, problems y fears
and ju’ll find strength en numbers.

 When et all ober,
el bideo camera were putted away,
los meecrophones turned off,
y then
we chared a salad.

Ju can getting free condons all jear long

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Chico’s Angels Team up w/Aldente Mag.


Gay Pride 2012 The Angels team up w/Aldente magazine to give their fans autographed copies of their first magazine cover!!!

Charles Angels meets Chico’s Angels

Picture 4

Tanya Robert of Charlies Angels stopped by Castia Del Campo in Los Angeles to take in Chico's Angels Live on Stage. "Chicas In Chains" is running July 25th-Aug.12th Buy your tickets today online.

AYE these Divas are doing it!!!


MYA singer/dancer, shares trade secrets about being a musician with the Angels as they preform at Gay Pride.

ATL House Wife Nay Nay catches a Quickie with Chico’s Angels


Aiya! ATL House Wife loves Chico's Angels!!!

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