Perty Pitchure

We couldn’t help but noticing
what a perty pitchure thees es.

We don’t think it hab nothing to do
with los perty subjects,
it’s yust real nice, right?

Thank ju, photogopher,
Art Kardashian
por el perty pitchure!

Looking at more de he’s work

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BLOG ESCOOP! New hunk!

As we promise a leetle ago…
Here our new hunk!

He’s name es Duke Shoman!

Kay hoping he shange he’s name to
duke Showus!

Chita hoping to hab some alone tine with hin.
…to question hin en el case!

Frieda hoping he tell her where to going
to getting esplinters out of her tushy!

Duke a super nice guy
he a photogopher!
Sheck out he’s works

Then, got tickets
to see hin en
estarting Jully 11

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Amigo News

en Chico’s Angels amigo,
who winned a Emmy Award this weekending!

He winned el award por
en el role de
Brady Black

We always happy for when good theengs
happy en our amigos!

…espechally los hunky ones!

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Moonlighting: Chita’s Chorligraphy

‘Member all that tine Chita Parol
spend en el
Debbie Allen eschool de Dance?
Well, now, che putting those eskills to juse!

Go to see
en Rockwell
en Los Feliz
because la Chita doed all el chorligraphy!

It a night de
jur faborite rock songs,
y jummy foods & drink!

We seened it, el cho,
it bery sexy!

There only two more weekendings
so, GO FAST!

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L.A. Pride Angels

Ober there!
Looking closer!
It Chico’s Angels en there!

That right!
Chico’s Angels
attend el CSW, Los Angeles Gay Pride 2014

Here, ju can see that las Angels
provide colorful commentaries por los yudges
del parade!

Las Angels describe los entries
por los yudges and saywhy they espechal
or espechally nice.
Here, las Angels y yudges get serenade
by a marshing band.

Sontines, las Angels yoin los entries…

or taked a briefs moment to taked a pitchure
con a hunky mans…

…Or two!

…or taked a pitchure con they’s friends,
como they favorites
Pauley Perrette

…y Jai Rodriguez!

After el parade,
las Angels taked a time out,
y wented to a little party

There they seed amigos
like, el Johnny McGovern,
y Poeter, Steven Reigns!
Tambien, too, were
 Liza Minelli con Anderson Cooper y Cantinflas (Not pitchured)

After Frieda take el last pink Yello chot,
las Angels head back to el festibal.

En el festibal,
las Angels spend some tine
en el
L.A. Condom booth
where they ottergraphed posters
y pose for pitchures.

Y that were it!
It were a full day
full de parades, hot mens, fun
y hot mens.
Verdad, Chita?


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Saturday en el Park

There we more fun to be habbed en Gay Pride,
y la Frieda were there!

Frieda try to promote el cho
one posty card by one,
but that were taking too longly,
so she try something different…

She telled eberyone at the sane tine!!
…so she could got back to other things…

…like her hunky eskater amigos!

Along el way, she meeted new amiga,
Australian pop recording arter,
Katja Glieson.
They bond ober they lob por el color blue.

Then she head ober to la Latina estage!

There, she telled eberyone about el cho
AND cho her panties! 

Y luego, she hurry back to el main esatge to see la headliner, Yennifer Hudson!
But she keep runninged into her hunky amigos…
like Andy Santiago

Guillermo Diaz

Jonathan Slavin

Michael Vacaro
She finally maked it back estage to see Yennifer…

But, It were hard to seeing her.
Then, Frieda wait outside her dressing tent,
but La Yennifer had to whisk away to New Jork
’cause she gotta singing en los Tony Awards.
So, Frieda don’t gotted to say “Hola”,
or nada.

Frieda sheered up real fast, though
when a dancer sayed he hab sonething por her!

So, Frieda habbed a good night after todo!!

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Frieda en el Thunderground

Ju could hear the peoples around saying,
“…Es that Heather Graham? 
 …Es that Linda Blair?
..Es that Paulina Rubio’s mom?”

No, et was yust
Frieda Laye en el Thundergound,
an espechal eskating rink
they maked espechally por los
L.A. Gay Pride Celebrachons!

Frieda start off el ebening by bisiting
los festibities, y getting interbiew
by el shannel 11 news!

Then, che walk around y bump into some friends,
like el Jai Rodriguez!

Y Calbin Flemming!

Y new amiga,

Che seed West Hollywood Councilpeoples,
John Duran y Abbe Land!

…And che maked some more new friends!

Then, it were tine to eskate!

Billy Francesca
were en hand,
to make chure Frieda’s eskating go good.

Y Mike Pingel
promise to not letting her fall.

…But, it weren’t longly
until Frieda find somehunky else
to not letting her fall!

Che falled anyways

It were a good night!

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Roller Booty!

Grab jur rolling eskates, Francisco,
Yulian March es putting up a rink!

Es true!
es putting up a rolling rink
en West Hollywood Park
por el Gay Pride!!

Frieda Laye will being there
Friday Night, 7:00 – 10:00,
acting all Heather Gramma
from el movie
eskating y promotering
el cho y colorful commentary
las Angels doing en el Gay Pride Parade.

Put jur eskates y yoin la Frieda por
(cleeck et ^there)

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Frontier Chicas

We are en prints, otra vez!
Peek up el lateful ichue de
en the street,
turning to page 103,
 see us
read us!!


Then, come to el parade en Sunday
y wash us do el colorful commentary
por los parade float yudges
en el coroners de
Santa Monica Blvd y Holloway
en 11:00 am!

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Same Place, New Nombre

There no need to be confusing,
it’s ’cause el L.A. Gay Y Lespian Center
hab a new name y logo!
Now it all inclusful y called,
  Los Angeles LGBT Center! 

Along con el new name, comed a celebrachon
en May, 27, 2014
y we were there to entertaining los peoples.

Et may don’t looking like et,
but we solbed a mini-mystery
de el Kidnapping de la CE y O,
Lorri L. Yean
…tambien, too, con some song y dance!

After words, we taked pitchures con las peoples!

Here we con el Director of Culshural Arts,
Jon Empanada.
 Here we con la Chief Executive Officer,
Lorri L. Yean
(See? Che okay!)

Here we con some man who work there,
Glenn Gaylord
(we thinking he chould shange he’s name
to be all incluseful, too;
Glenn GLBTlord)

Well, like Chico always say
“Yob well did!”
So, Goodnight
L.A. GLBT Center!

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