Que Nice Paneling

Bossman y la Frieda
habbed a bery
enlightening, educachonal y entertaing
tine en el
Latino Theater Alliance
convening panel call
Performance = Activism
Exposing our community to the New Normal.

We learn that yust by performing el cho,
we being activist en el Latino y LGBTQ communities!
We also learn that there many theatres
who don’t habbing el same opportunities to
present materials y subyect matters
whish representing el
LGBTQ Latin experiences.

So do jurself
a good turn
y seek out y support
sush places
y expanding  jur horizons.

Ju can go here for more news y updates.

Also, tambien,
Bossman y Frieda
extending espechal Gracias to
Armando Huipe,
Co-Coordinator for LTA/LA 2014 Convening LGBT Panel
Corky Dominguez,
Co-Coordinator for LTA/LA 2014 Convening LGBT Panel
por inbiting y taking care
of dem.

Now here Frieda
playing like la Heidi Kloom
en el costume convening:“One day ju’re in, the next day ju’re deported”

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Frieda y Bossman Gonna Expose!


Frieda y Bossman
will be participate en el Latino Theater Alliance’s
Navigating Currents in American Theatre.
en Saturday, August 2, 2014 from
9:30am – 6:30pm
en el East Los Angeles College,

They so honor to yoining Mark Valdez,
Executive Director of the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET)!
There gonna be breakout sessions dedicate to:
Theater for Joung Audiences, Spanish Language Theatre, LGBT Latino/a Performance,
y Designing por el Stage.
A special one-night only performance of ¡Gaytino!
writed and performed by Dan Guerrero will conclude el evening.

Frieda y Bossman were inbited
to participate as panelist en el
LGBT Latino/a Performance and Plays panel:
Performance = Activism
Exposing our community to the New Normal!

It gonna be good tines!

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Happy Birthday Choo!

Thees weekending,
las Angels celebrated
11 jears of working for Chico!
Here they con el director,
Kurt Kohler,
y cuppycakes en el chape de a choo!
Que loca!

Also, tambien, thees weekending,
las Angels maked deboo
They coming en 2 colors
mint-if ju’re cool
red- if ju’re slutty

Drop by en a cho y get a chirt before the selled out!
Espeaking de whish,
Thursday, Friday y Saturday
for theese come weekend!!
get jur Sunday teeckets

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Free Condoms y Discount Tix!


 Ju know that las Angels
are work closefully con el
Official L.A. Condom
to help preventing el spread de
deeseeses, right?

Well, thees SUNDAY,
July 27,
es el
Official L.A. Condom Night
en el cho!
Bisit el ebent page
por informachon y a
deescount code!! 


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Don’t Being All Panic!

All our Saturdays are selled out!
No many Friday seats leaved!    

Don’t being all panic

Jes, it true!
Ju can get teeckets for Thursdays now,
in addichon to our Sunday chos!   

Get jur teeckets

Dont miss el cho that
George Lopez call





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George Lopez go loco!

What a fun weekending it were!

Thees weekending we habbed some
fun-tine guests drop in!

La funny lady
Geri Jewel
haved a good tine!

Los Angeles County Supervisor
Gloria Molina
comed to supervise el fun!

Eve Holmes, Lisa Catara, Roman y Andrea Arabiade
(Lisa y Roman being unos cast members de THE BRIDGE)
gaved Bossman some lob!

Y el highlight
del weekend were a bisit fron
George Lopez,
who getted a leetle loco
with el cast!

We can’t beliebe what a loco great tine we habbing
y lobbing all los fun-tine guests who bisit!

If ju’re planning en being part del fun,
then got jur teeckets fast!
All our Saturdays are SELLED OUT
los Fridays are close to being
selled out, too, tambien.

Got teeckets

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Week Dos!

Week dos
de this run de

Opening night were sush a good tine
y we had some espechal peoples visit
throughout el weekend!

We enyoyed a visit from
David Lander
who play el Esquiggy en
Laberne Y Chirley!

El Jai Rodriguez
drop by to see
how good el cho holding up since
he were in it!

El cast del
come by to cho they sexy selves!!

Who gonna drop by thees weekend?

Will it be ju?

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Vote ahora!

‘Member that tine we
encourash peoples to use los condons to
helping preventing el spread de disease?

Pues, they making some new
packages por los condons,
y they wanting jur help shoosing.  

Some package shoices feature las Angels,
so if ju like el idea,
then going
to vote!
Yust click en ‘like’
por jur shoices.  


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KTLAdies Bideo

Deed ju seen us en el
con la
Allie Mac Kay?

If ju didn’t washed et,
Ju missed el fun!

We were yoined by
Robert Del Campo,
who el son de
Rudy Del Campo
who inbented la
Casita del Campo!

Ob course, el hunky Duke were there, tambien, too!
He like snacks con his Angels!

It were a fun 3 hours
de newsing!
Ju can saw s de los segmants

Also, Too
Enyoy more


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Drop Dead Divas’ Unite!


Margaret Cho can’t help but be brutally honest. It’s her nature. But there’s something else about her, something that keeps gay, straight, young and old people of all races coming back for more. She Love Chico's Angels!!!!!


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