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CHICO’S ANGELS a Latino parody of the 70’s hit show, Charlie’s Angels.  Created in 2003, Chico’s Angels has become an underground hit stage show, playing to constant sold-out crowds.  Fans have enjoyed four original full-length musical episodes over the last six years and the Angels have appeared in; Pretty Chicas All In a Row, Love Boat Chicas, Chicas In Chains and Chicas Are 4Ever. Kay Sedia, Chita Parol, and Frieda Laye fight crime, solve cases and find/lose love in each episode, with the help of Bossman.  Each Angel has a distinct personality that helps make the team a successful case-cracking unit.  Kay Sedia is the voluptuous beauty who usually finds romance in every case and despite her self involvement and seeming lack of concern for her co-workers, Kay is a vital member of the team.  Chita Parol is the street smart vixen with a dancer’s body and a tough exterior.  She keeps the team focused, even though she sometimes gets caught up in the distraction of the day.  She’s seen as mean by her co-workers, but behind that really scary temper is a little girl who wants to be loved… just not too closely.  Frieda Laye is very friendly and willing to do ANYTHING to help solve a case.  It’s amazing anything gets solved, given how clueless she is, but somehow she manages to come through in the end.  Bossman keeps close contact with Chico and provides support when no one else will do, or when no one else will do it.  Each case provides an opportunity for fast-paced comedy and action.  Whether the Angels are trying to find out who’s killing beauty contestants, tracking down a diva’s would-be assassin, breaking out of prison or stealing the Chez-Chez Diamond there’s always a big fight, a big hunky guy (often shirtless) and big laughs.  What gives the show a special twist is that the Angels are portrayed by men.  In what has been best described as “the Three Stooges in dresses”, Chico’s Angels has found a fiercely loyal audience who appreciate the show’s special brand of humor which works on several levels.  Anyone who has watched and loved the cheesy cop and jiggle shows of the 70’s gets the hammy style in which the show is presented, with a couple of swipes at current pop culture treasures thrown in.  Secondly, after the physical comedy, the jokes hit multiple notes based on race relations, miscommunications in language and sexual role reversals.  Finally, the tightly bound ensemble works very well together and has developed a keen sense of timing.

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