4. Chicas are Forever



Written by James Quinn,  Kurt Koehler, & Oscar Quintero

Original Music by Dan Ring

Original Lyrics by Mr. Dan

Directed by Kurt Koehler

When the Countess Tago realizes that her Chez Chez Diamond has been stolen, she hires the Angels to locate the jewel and steal it back.

Realizing the Angels need help, Chico hires renowned jewel thief, Manuel Hung.  Everyone soon discovers that he shares a secret, sordid past with Kay.  While Kay deals with her on-again romance, Chita does her best to get information from suspect, Senior Crooke as an undercover stripper and Frieda attempts to impress Miss Tightbush enough to get hired on as an undercover secretary.  Meanwhile, Bossman takes his own path to succeed.

Before long, the Angels and Bossman become entangled in a web of lies, double-crosses and a final heist that comes to an explosive conclusion.

The Client: The Countess Tago – an art collector with sticky fingers.

Special Help: Manuel Hung – A studly jewel thief with sexy fingers.

The Suspects: Senior Crooke – His name says it all…or does it?

Miss Tightbush – Crooke’s right-hand woman with a shifty accent.

Boobs the Clown – A no-talent stripper with a no-talent puppet.


Kay Sedia:                  Oscar Quintero

Chita Parol:                Ray

Frieda Laye:               Danny Casillas

Bossman:                    Alex Patino

Manuel Hung:            Ethan Wilde

The Countess Tago:    Kimberly Lewis

Senior Crooke:            Henry Watkins/Kurt Koehler

Miss Tightbush:         Elena Murphy

Boobs the Clown:       Kimberly Lewis


  • Episode 4 is the first episode to feature original music and lyrics.
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