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He Mean Business Card

Bossman card
Rare y hard to find!

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Ju Make el Call!



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El Crazy Ex-Hunk

‘Member that tine Ross Willet
were el hunk en CHICAS IN CHAINS?

Ju ‘member!

Well, el Ross es working hard
and make he’s own bideos!
If ju wanting to cash up with hin and sheck out
Just Another Production’s Prductions
click et

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LOOK cards!

Sontines, if ju look en el eBay,
ju might finding son
rare y hard to finding
Chico’s Angels Trading Cards!

Here ones we finded recentedly

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Home Maid – Frieda Under The Covers!

Chico es always send las angels under the covers,
y this week,
he send Frieda out as a maid
to inbestigate suspichous
happenings en la manchon de
Senor Titebottum.

While perform her maidly duties,
la Frieda keep her eyes out for los clues.
Che were bery esneaky…

Che were careful to not leab one log unturn! 

Outside, che see a supichous handyman
So che taked hin to el ched to inuterogate hin!

Back inside, Frieda hear sonthing en el kishen

Che espy, Senor Titebottum son, Seymour
burning a credit card!
When he go, che grab what left del card and put et en a
classic Servalier® 4-cup Bowl
by Tupperware
to keep safe & frech as ebidence!

Che also take a suspichous chrimp,
as ebidence.
(it were delichous)

We happy to reporting que,
jusing los leftovers del burnt credit card,
Bossman were able to find out
it what Seymour Titebottum juse to hire a hittingman
to kill he’s father so he can inherit he’s fortune.
All thanks to el deadicated work de la Frieda,
who eben went back to questchon el handyman a second times!
Now THAT deadicachon!

(Frieda getted her ebidence container from la Kay.  Ju can too! Click et HERE)

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Chico’s Angels Team up w/Aldente Mag.


Gay Pride 2012 The Angels team up w/Aldente magazine to give their fans autographed copies of their first magazine cover!!!

Charles Angels meets Chico’s Angels

Picture 4

Tanya Robert of Charlies Angels stopped by Castia Del Campo in Los Angeles to take in Chico's Angels Live on Stage. "Chicas In Chains" is running July 25th-Aug.12th Buy your tickets today online.

AYE these Divas are doing it!!!


MYA singer/dancer, shares trade secrets about being a musician with the Angels as they preform at Gay Pride.

ATL House Wife Nay Nay catches a Quickie with Chico’s Angels


Aiya! ATL House Wife loves Chico's Angels!!!

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