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Catsh Up: Kay y Frieda host el Switch Hitters’ Ball!

Back en April,
Kay y Frieda had a great tine
playing hostessessess por GLASA!      

En this cho
los different baseball teams
make chos
y guest yudges vote on
y award a prize!      

But firstly,
Frieda y Kay warm up el crowd with their esexy!      

They eben do an opening number
with a”Chita”
(Chita never maked it to el ebent).      

Then, los teams perform…      

…Then Frieda y Kay come out to introducing los next ones…      

…Then another team perform…      

…and it keep go like that until los yudges pick a weener!
Los yudges were compoted by Angelique, Tammy Brown, Ben Roman,
Jazzmun, Ambrosia Salad y la Miss Barbie-Q.      

Then Kay y Frieda announce los weeners!!
Jay!!  Eberyones habbed a great tine!      

Now, Please enyoy some more pitchures…
    La Miss Barbie-Q      

        La Tammie Brown      



We hope we inbited en 2014!
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CYBERSOCKET to me, otra vez!



In less than a weeks,
We will be taking a night off fron our current run of
and we will taking el estage
to emcee and help hot mens gib awards
to other hot mens and local businesses!

It happen en January 9,
Sheck et out!

(CLICK  the pitshure to made it bigger and more readful!)

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Las Angels Hostess because for a cause


Hey we gonna hostess another ebent!

It el kick off event to recruit individual donors for LEA (Latino Equality Alliance)
 so they can raise the necessary funds
to support their three main educational and advocacy initiatives for the Latino community:
Marriage Equality, Immigration Reform and Family Acceptance.
Can ju be that agent of change by being a financial donor to LEA?
Can ju help them by donating whatever amount you can afford to support their mission?
Or maybe ju yust wanna see some hot mans dancing?
MJ’s en Silverlake
2810 Hyperion Blvd.
Tuesday de la Gorda
Marsh 8, 2011
6:30 – 9:30 pm
$8.00 donachon
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More fun tines en los CyberSocket Awards


To continue from jesterday,  we hab sush a good tine at el podium introducting peoples and hot mens!
We couldn’t helping but sheer for los winners!

…and we couldn’t help but TOUSHING los winners!!

And we meeted lots of people from el industry, like CHI CHI LARUE.
Frieda like her name alot and was all, “Why I don’t thought of that?”
But la Chi Chi was all, “It’s French and doesn’t mean boobies.”
And Frieda went, “Oh.”

Frieda don’t letted it stop her from making friends,
like Chris Porter and Samuel Colt

Kay made the friends with these chulos,
Samuel O’Toole y Marcus Mojo

All en all,  it was a bery good tine and the people seemed to be happy we were there.
We know we were happy to be there!


Ju can see more Facebook friendly pitchures de el ebent:






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Cybersocket Awards for las Angels

We gonna hostess las
Cybersocket Awards
February 7!

Sheck out the ebent page en Facebook for details:
Ebent page

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Chico’s Angels Team up w/Aldente Mag.


Gay Pride 2012 The Angels team up w/Aldente magazine to give their fans autographed copies of their first magazine cover!!!

Charles Angels meets Chico’s Angels

Picture 4

Tanya Robert of Charlies Angels stopped by Castia Del Campo in Los Angeles to take in Chico's Angels Live on Stage. "Chicas In Chains" is running July 25th-Aug.12th Buy your tickets today online.

AYE these Divas are doing it!!!


MYA singer/dancer, shares trade secrets about being a musician with the Angels as they preform at Gay Pride.

ATL House Wife Nay Nay catches a Quickie with Chico’s Angels


Aiya! ATL House Wife loves Chico's Angels!!!

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