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Esexy words

We wanting to got people to talk about esex!

That why we grab our perty and go to
el club Eleben en West Hollywood,
to finding ebery day, man en el streets.
 We lucky enough to finding,
ebery day, gay mans
who were atheleets y
who winned medals en los Gay Games!!

We getted, los esexy mans, to talking about
the esex
we eben getted somes to
demarkate how they putting on a condon.
Don’t be all dirty! 
We getted then to cho us en fruits y begitables!

It bery nice how fourcoming
they were en talking el esex,
because we beliebing,
talking leading to better, safer shoices!
(like putting el condon to help
preventing spread los dvds!)

El bestest thing es
et all en bideo!!
Don’t be all worry,
we gonna cho ju las bideos when they ready!

…But don’t waiting to hear all los yiucy details
de esos esexy mens,
to jur esex partners,
y eben jur amigos
’cause ju might finding ju chare los same
yoys, problems y fears
and ju’ll find strength en numbers.

 When et all ober,
el bideo camera were putted away,
los meecrophones turned off,
y then
we chared a salad.

Ju can getting free condons all jear long

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Eleven en Seven

We las best athletic supporters!
We gonna be en el bar ELEVEN
en West Hollywood
tonight asking ju,
y hunky atheleets
 important questions!
Come out!!!
Details HERE

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Frieda en el Thunderground

Ju could hear the peoples around saying,
“…Es that Heather Graham? 
 …Es that Linda Blair?
..Es that Paulina Rubio’s mom?”

No, et was yust
Frieda Laye en el Thundergound,
an espechal eskating rink
they maked espechally por los
L.A. Gay Pride Celebrachons!

Frieda start off el ebening by bisiting
los festibities, y getting interbiew
by el shannel 11 news!

Then, che walk around y bump into some friends,
like el Jai Rodriguez!

Y Calbin Flemming!

Y new amiga,

Che seed West Hollywood Councilpeoples,
John Duran y Abbe Land!

…And che maked some more new friends!

Then, it were tine to eskate!

Billy Francesca
were en hand,
to make chure Frieda’s eskating go good.

Y Mike Pingel
promise to not letting her fall.

…But, it weren’t longly
until Frieda find somehunky else
to not letting her fall!

Che falled anyways

It were a good night!

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Kay & Frieda en Halloween

Hola, boos y ghouls!
We hoping ju had a sweet y safe Halloween!
If ju didn’t got a shance to come to el biggest Halloween party en el mundo,
en West Hollywood,
Kay & Frieda will chare with ju
their adbentchures!
 Frieda Y Kay walk el boulebard,
en their SUIT UP L.A. finery
and they handing out
Free Condoms

Also, too, they handing out posty cards
for to announce
returning el week before Thanksgibbing,
Nobember 21-26

So, with los posty cards y condoms,
Frieda y Kay were spreading el word y help prevent el spread!

Here so more favoriteful pitchures:


La night don’t ended how we imahin,
but a good tine were had by all!
See ju next jear!

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Halloweenie Wrap Up!



Aye! We habbed sush a good tines performing
en el West Hollywood Hallowwen Carnaval!
To told la truth, it got kind of escary,
because poeples estarted yumping en el estage to dance with us!

 Mira!! It a sea de peoples!!!

 We bringed peoples en costune up to the estage

Sone of them habbed no chirt & do el booty chake for us!
Que, nice.

Then we pose with peoples en el estreet!
They were en barious constunes and estates de undress!

Our faborite habbed to be el hombre who weared ESEXY as a costune!
Que, nice.

All en all,
it were good tines
and nobody die!

We can’t waiting for next jear!!

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Chico’s Angels Team up w/Aldente Mag.


Gay Pride 2012 The Angels team up w/Aldente magazine to give their fans autographed copies of their first magazine cover!!!

Charles Angels meets Chico’s Angels

Picture 4

Tanya Robert of Charlies Angels stopped by Castia Del Campo in Los Angeles to take in Chico's Angels Live on Stage. "Chicas In Chains" is running July 25th-Aug.12th Buy your tickets today online.

AYE these Divas are doing it!!!


MYA singer/dancer, shares trade secrets about being a musician with the Angels as they preform at Gay Pride.

ATL House Wife Nay Nay catches a Quickie with Chico’s Angels


Aiya! ATL House Wife loves Chico's Angels!!!

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